"This Is A Low"

>> Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I was working on a blog entry for today. Nothing real exciting, just some thoughts related to the Roger Waters concert I'll be seeing Thursday, but I had a few hundred words and realized it sucked. I may try to salvage it or I may just give up on it.

I've struggled a bit for content of late. I'm not about to abandon the minimum-post-a-day policy, but it seems that quite a lot of what I could write about here isn't stuff I want to write about; life is okay on a personal level, maybe even good, but the world has me down in some respects. It seems to me, for instance, I ought to be bitching about the President's continuation/condonation of the previous administration's human rights violations, or the hypocrisy of jerks like Andy Harris or the various other evidences of the decline and fall of civilization, but it wears you out, right?

I feel like content may be sparse in coming days; then again, I've felt that way before and the following day ended up with some epic rant or another. There may be some inspiring news item or really good piece of spam in the old junkmail box. Guess we'll see.

Anyway, if it is a low, it can't hurt you, speaking of which--here's Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon of Blur performing one of my favorite Blur songs. "This Is A Low":


Tom Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 1:46:00 PM EST  

Dude, take a page from DXM and repost a favorite or two. That'll satisfy the minimum, giving people a chance to see something they may have overlooked previously, or, for your new readers, something they've never previously seen!

Or, you know, don't freakin worry about it...


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