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>> Friday, December 03, 2010

Now one of the things that we're going to see going on is that while we struggle with a record-breaking deficit and a large national debt caused by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, caused by tax breaks for the wealthy, caused by unpaid-for Medicare Part D prescription drug program, caused by the Wall Street bailout; driving up the deficit, driving up the national debt, and then some people can say, "Oh my goodness, we've got all of those expenses, and then we've got to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, but we want to balance the budget--gee, how we gonna do that?"

Well, obviously we know how they're gonna do that. We're gonna cut back on healthcare, we're gonna cut back on education, we're gonna cut back on childcare, We're gonna cut back on Pell programs; we just don't have enough money for working families and their needs. We're gonna cut back on Food Stamps, we're surely not going to expand unemployment compensation, we got a higher priority, Mr. President, we have got to, got to, got to give tax breaks to billionaires, I mean, that is what this whole place is about, isn't it? They fund the campaigns, they get what's due them.

-Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT
November 30th, 2010

Of course what Senator Sanders apparently doesn't get about our noble plutocracy is that if poor and middle-class people really, really cared about unemployment benefits and subsidies for their kids' college educations and putting food on the table, they'd hire one of the many fine lobbyist organizations struggling to do business out there or support the fertilizer and athletic accessories industries by taking their members of Congress golfing. Surely they don't think their elected representatives are psychic, do they? Able to somehow magically read minds and just divine that voters care about having jobs or the availability of decent educations for their kids, just not enough to actually, as the old saying goes, put their money where their mouths are.

We are, as so many Republicans like to remind us, a capitalist society, something a socialist like Senator Sanders clearly has contempt for. And in a capitalist economy, friends, someone who has a useful service to offer, such as the ability to write legislation or vote upon pending acts of government, is entitled to demand a fair market price for their labor--the idea that a person might give away the fruits of his labor for nothing is obviously preposterous and communistic. The invisible hand of the market, of course, will determine what that fair price will be, but given that there are only a hundred Senators and 435 Representatives who have a stranglehold on the legislative powers in this country, it's readily apparent that these Representatives deserve top-dollar and the Senators yet more, much like a professional basketball player in the NBA or a professional football player in the NFL. We don't expect a gifted athlete to wander around working for peanuts or the mere joy of the game or the pleasure of the masses of sports fans wherever the winds blow him: no, an interested community pays for the exclusive services of a player as their star center or quarterback. In similar fashion, why shouldn't an industry pay for the exclusive rights to a member of Congress?

We live in dangerous times, times when the American way of life is besieged by the lazy parasites who would demand something for nothing, whether it's having a fire in their house put out or the vote of an elected official. When time and time again, the free market has demonstrated it is the best way to get things done.

Think about law enforcement for a moment: people frequently complain that crimes go unsolved, that police officers must divide too much of their time amongst too many cases, that resources are stretched thin, that their aren't enough cops on the streets, etc. I submit to you that the problem is the socialist structure imposed on law enforcement disincentivizes cops: under the current regime, police officers are paid the same whether they solve a crime or not. But if you paid a cop to only investigate your car being broken into, he'd certainly have a special desire to satisfy you as a customer. And if a criminal paid the cop even more not to be caught? Well, if it's worth more to the criminal to go free than it is for you to pay for his arrest, the market has effectively priced the solution to the crime, hasn't it? And if it's worth more to you, the cop deserves more, doesn't he? Simple, really.

Or consider the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They've been going on for years, but don't you realize soldiers get paid whether they win or not? What kind of incentive is that? No, the free market solution is that those who want to have wars in those countries need to pay the soldiers to win, although I imagine if some wealthy oil magnate in the Middle East wants to pay them to go home, that's the invisible hand working its magic again. No doubt the folks who want to pay for the wars can find somebody, anyway, to fight for them if the oil princes hire away the professional soldiers already deployed--after all, one of the reasons it's important not to give in to the "altruistic" corrupting demands for minimum wages, unemployment benefits, public education and similar vices is that a readily-available pool of minimally-skilled workers is necessary to maintain the profit margins of the worthy real Americans whose greatness is demonstrated by their success, the natural struggle seen in the natural world replicated in the social order as the fit acquire wealth and the unfit rot in the mire of their own decrepitude; if you were worth being alive, you would have a nice home and fat investments and a Senator of your own, and if you don't have these things you should get out of the way by dying once you're no longer good for serving your betters.

God Bless America.

(H/t Mrs. Bitch!)

No, wait! I got so swept up in my dark sarcasm, I almost forgot to embed the whole Sanders speech, which is worth a look! Behold:


Warner (aka ntsc) Monday, December 6, 2010 at 4:50:00 PM EST  

You obviously don't live in an area where 40 of the top 50 public officials are cops, one pulling in over $250,000 in a year.

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