"The Spirit Of Christmas"

>> Monday, December 20, 2010

No doubt you've seen this a million times before, but my guess is that it's been long enough for it to be fresh all over again; or, at least, it's been a while and it still makes me laugh....

The 1995 animated "Christmas card" short that led to the television series and feature film: "The Spirit Of Christmas" by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, starring Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, Jesus, Santa and Brian Boitano, set in the little redneck town of South Park, Colorado (and I feel obligated to warn--N(the least bit)SFW):

A valuable reminder that Christmas is still about one very important thing:

CARTMAN: Yeah, ham!

STAN: No, not ham, you fat fuck!

CARTMAN: Fuck you!

STAN: Christmas is about something much more important!

KYLE: What?

STAN: Presents.

I dunno. Ham's pretty good....


Jeri Monday, December 20, 2010 at 2:27:00 AM EST  

I actually had never seen this... too awesome. "There can be only one."

And, heh, it's safe for work if you work at home. The cats are NOT offended. ;)

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