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>> Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh wow. Somebody made an Axe Cop live action short.

Before we get to that (sorry!), let me make sure those of you who didn't just pee your pants a little understand what we're talking about. As Axe Cop illustrator Ethan Nicolle explains at the Axe Cop's website, Axe Cop is a webcomic written by Ethan Nicolle's brother, Malachai Nicolle.

Age five.

Malachai describes the adventures of Axe Cop, a police officer who, one day, found "the perfect fireman axe" and thereby, of course, became Axe Cop. Ethan takes these narratives and illustrates them with a superb and deft hand and posts them as a webcomic.

Axe Cop is awesome in the way that only the unpolluted, purely-id-fuelled imagination of a five year old can be awesome. To read Axe Cop is to be taken back to a time in a boy's life when a Dinosaur Soldier eating an avocado can become Avocado Soldier, who shoots avocados out of his hands because, duh, he ate an avocado and that's what can happen.

And now, Peter Muehlenberg faithfully adapts Axe Cop episode 1, featuring the origin story of Axe Cop, to live action:


I would pay to see a full-length feature. I would even pay to see it in 3D. Hollywood, are you listening?

I'm not even kidding.

(H/t to IO9!)


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