In which I use a terrible pun to introduce an old live performance by a strange but lovely band

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boy, howdy: you look out the window at the Charlotte streets in the wake of the big ol' snowmageddon from this week, and even though the whole land is covered in ice, not a single sign nor sight of Björk or any of the guys from Sigur Rós.

See what I did there? See? Ice... land... Iceland, get it, "Iceland" like the country, but I was talking about the land around here being covered in ice, as in, frozen water, right? Ice, land, Iceland? See? Because Björk and Sigur Rós, they're musical acts from Iceland the country, which I was referencing with the, the, what do you want to call it, the play on words, see?

Fine. No, you suck. Here's múm, "We Have A Map Of The Piano," live in Japan back around the time Finally We Are No One came out, I think (ca. 2002):


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