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>> Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have seen the future, and I am holding it in my left hand while I scroll through words with my right.

I don't want to beat dead horses racing about gadgets, or the Tab in particular our tablets in general. But I have to day this: a day into this trip, and I've already become reliant on this doohickey. There's the SXSW Go app, which actually becomes less useful the more I use it (there are some weird bugs and a tendency to crash: it's an amazingly good concept but, sorry, just not ready for prime time). But there's also the memo pad, and the maps app; there's news while I'm eating and books on the plane.

Having the maps app in your hand while you explore: ye gods. I'm looking at a restaurant, is it any good? I need to get to a club, where is it. A lot of you are already plugged in and this is commonplace enough; I've done much of this with PDAs and smartphones, myself, but a handheld tablet has such a lovely form factor and bigger screen.

It's like having a damn tricorder: you start feeling like Mr. Spock all the damn time.

So I just finished a really good breakfast burrito at the Taco Shack on Brazos and I'm about to mosey over to Latitude 30 to see if I can learn something about promising new Welsh bands. Just wanted to check in, and also say: wow, I am living in the future... and sometimes I kinda like it.


Anne C. Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 1:48:00 PM EDT  

I'm glad you clarified that you were talking about a tablet. I assumed (because I am brand new to the smartphone tribe) that you were relating an experience similar to my own when I went to San Fransisco, traveling with a smartphone for the first time.

And yes, that's super cool. :)

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