Some kind of Hole, "Malibu"

>> Saturday, April 23, 2011

I think... I think I have to say that, as much as I adore Courtney Love (despite her obvious faults), Hole really isn't Hole without Eric Erlandson. Sure, there was a "Hole" record last year, and I don't want to snipe at it, especially since I never actually got around to listening to it. But it's hard for me to not call it an ersatz Hole album, considering that it's Corurtney and four other people, which just doesn't seem like the band, y'know?

The really curious thing is the way the superawesome Melissa Auf der Maur seems like part of the "classic" lineup even though she joined the band as a replacement for the poor, late Kristen Pfaff after the release of the band's magnum opus, Live Through This. It's funny how that works with bands. Sort of like the way the definitive lineup of Fleetwood Mac isn't the version of the band that had Peter Green, notwithstanding that it was originally his band.

Anyway, whatever the definitive or classic lineup might have been, here's what you might call "Hole classic" (despite last year's "new Hole") performing "Malibu"--Love, Erlandson, Auf der Maur and... well, shit, the Hole classic lineup had Patty Schemel on drums, except she was in a rough place during the Celebrity Skin sessions and left the band; I think that's actually Samantha Maloney back there, though you may notice the rest of the band gets strategically placed in front of the drumkit throughout the video to muddle the issue. Well, shit.

Gods, this band was always a fucking train wreck. But I love 'em. Some kind of Hole, "Malibu":


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