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>> Monday, May 30, 2011

A Facebook exchange with an old friend led to a stumble across Yet Another Awesome Thing that would've been lost to semiobscurity but is now right there, on the YouTube, to be treasured forever and ever and ever. In this case, a clip of David Bowie performing "Heroes" in 1978 with a backing band that includes the amazing Adrian Belew playing the guitar part originated by Robert Fripp, who would subsequently hit up Belew to join him in a band that was originally going to be called Discipline but quickly morphed into King Crimson v. 4.0. Inevitably and quite rightfully, "Heroes" would end up in future King Crimson setlists (as you may already know, assorted members of Crimson v.4--Fripp, Belew and Tony Levin--would also put in time through the various decades as session and touring support for The Bowie, an awesome orgy of rock'n'roll incest and inbreeding if there ever was one).

Do I need to mention that this is awesome? Because this is awesome:


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