Gary Numan, "Down In The Park"

>> Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A prefatory note: So, I set this up this past weekend to post today because I wasn't sure if anything would happen that would inspire me to have a real post up. I was almost lucky, too: I was all geared up to lay out my really deep thoughts about the edit war going on over at Wikipedia in an attempt to revise history to comport with Sarah Palin's ignorance. I was even going to steal a title from George Orwell.

And then that bastard, Chez Pazienza, ate my brain.

I'm taking steps, I'll have you know. First: aluminum foil hat. Or maybe a tinfoil hat. Now that I think about it, we always used to use folded sheets of aluminum foil on the rabbit ears to try to get the VHF signals to come in better. (Those of you under the age of thirty might like to know that it used to be that most people didn't have cable, you had to get your television beamed to you sort of like the wifi at a coffee shop, kind of.) Anyway, I'm thinking foil hat and of lining the walls of my condo with foil, whichever foil keeps Chaz Pazienza from eating my brain. Second: tapwater is right out. It's distilled water and/or vodka only from here on out. Third: ... Dammit. I thought I had a third thing, but then I drank all that vodka on a stomach that had nothing on it except distilled water, and unless the third thing is the lyrics to Ace Frehley's cover of Hello's "Back In The New York Groove" (and I'm pretty sure that wasn't originally going to be the third thing), well. Anyway.

So go read Chez's thing. But carefully, because that might be how he gets inside your mind. He might even be inside your mind right now. I'm watching you, dude. And here's the originally-scheduled post I had to revert to. Hope you bastards like some Gary Numan--at his most paranoid, by an appropriate coincidence.

Was I mentioning Gary Numan the other day? I do believe I was. Gods, I love this song:

Okay, so this isn't your '80s digital synths, this is your classic '70s analogue synths. Mainly a Minimoog. This version is surprisingly heavy on the guitars--later live versions would be driven by the synths, appropriately for such a technophobic, paranoid little tune; I mean, part of what's wonderful about this song is the way it sounds like it's being performed by a dude who's using Saran Wrap to keep out the industrial chemicals, right? A robot who's afraid of all the other robots. Might be the most phildickian song anybody's ever composed, really.

So: here's to hoping that you're having a cromulent day and that the rape machines are all looking the other way....


Chez Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 7:42:00 AM EDT  

I know about the 14-year-old girl.

Eric Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 9:12:00 AM EDT  

Ha! She was 68! She was only dressed like a 14-year-old! And it didn't even cost extra!

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