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>> Saturday, June 25, 2011

No, I'm not posting these because anything's wrong, I'm posting them because they're awesome and they've been stuck in my head because I had one of those channel-surfing serendipity things this week where both of these were blasting out of the car speakers in pretty close proximity to each other.

In some ways this is like a perfect archetype for a classic rock song insofar as in addition to that beautiful hook it has, like, basically one verse that's repeated over and over with slight modifications to the first line. I mean, it's as basic as you can get and that's not a bug, it is, indeed, a motherfucking feature, all'a'y'all. You could play this song forever if you wanted to, or blast through it in a minute-and-a-half. (Does anybody know if The Ramones ever covered this and if not how we alter the space-time continuum to rectify that horrific oversight?)

Oh yeah: I'm talking about "Ain't That A Shame". Fats Domino and Cheap Trick (respectively, not together, though that would be a dream team supergroup if there ever was one):

Crank it.


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