ELO, "Wild West Hero"

>> Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some people hate Ewoks. I don't get it. They're like miniature Wookies, and also: Jeff Lynne is awesome.

So when I went searching for this Electric Light Orchestra song, "Wild West Hero" (which I have loved, loved, loved ever since I was a little kid), I had no idea they did a music video for it. Which, they did, evidently. Here:

This raises two issues in my mind. (1) Is it just me, or is the ELO mothership flying upside down? I was pretty sure from all those album covers that the "ELO" logo was on the dorsal surface of the vessel, or is it on both sides of the vessel? Related to that, tho' it isn't the second issue, is the question of control surfaces and propulsion systems, because if the mothership is more-or-less symmetrical as this video leads us to believe, then, well, where are they? It occurs to me (still not the second issue) that the ELO mothership might possibly be levitated and propelled by the power of pure awesomeness, in which case I think we ought to look into this as a power source for all of our 21st Century needs. For a start, maybe we should paint everything black with neon-orange flames? (2, finally) How cool would it have been if the ELO mothership started blasting the crap out of everything with, I dunno, some kind of disco laser or something? "A beam of glittering light emanated from the disc-shaped craft and annihilated everything it touched, leaving only Beatles-shaped shadows of fine ash behind...."

This is actually a pre-post, which I mention because at the time of this writing I don't know if my Fine Woman (I know, I know--we still need to have that contest for an appropriate nom de guerre for her) have seen Cowboys And Aliens yet. Possibly. Possibly not. The reviews so far aren't all that great, but the trailer was pretty darn cool. Also, I've heard that Daniel Craig is Harrison Ford's Wookie bitch now. This has to be confirmed at some point, though it's, like, 98%, 99% likely to be true.

Hope this has been a great weekend for everybody!

UPDATE 2011-07-31: We did go to Cowboys And Aliens last night after all (see here; we loved it.

Still hoping you're having a great weekend!


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