Girls, "Vomit"

>> Saturday, August 13, 2011

Between the song title and the band's name, I had some trepidation when I typed "girls vomit" into the search bar, and of course the title of today's post has probably brought a curse upon me from the search optimization gods. Maybe that's why the band did it, as the lyrics to the song don't obviously have anything to do with regurgitation.

Anyway, it's a song that gets in your head.

Then again, maybe I'm a sucker for that full-throated Hammond organ sound and a female backup chorus wailing away behind it--not that I often listen to music featuring those particular tropes all that often or anything. I'm also a sucker for that sickly, fuzzed-past-the-brink, sounds-like-it's-being-strangled guitar sound, so there's that.

Girls' next album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, officially shows up next month on the 12th if you're British and September 13th if you're on my side of the pond. In the meantime, "Vomit" is also currently available as a free stream from the band's Facebook page if you're interested.


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