Quote of the day--behold the power of prayer edition

>> Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In 1993, after giving birth to the fourth of five children, [Michele] Bachmann quit her job as an attorney for the Internal Revenue Service, where she'd worked since completing her legal education. But she continued to follow the path she believed God had chosen for her. She and her husband went to abortion clinics, where they ministered to women on the sidewalks outside, and began taking in foster kids—23 of them over a period of eight years. She also got involved with New Heights, a charter school that was just opening its doors in Stillwater, a quaint Minnesota town on the banks of the St. Croix River where the Bachmanns had settled. Bachmann enrolled one of her kids and joined the school's board.


With parents and board members clashing, a meeting was held to clear the air. Bachmann's critics alleged that she had circumvented the board by sending parents a survey she'd created, asking them to report back. Things reached a climax when a teacher seized the floor. "He said, 'There is evil in this room. We have to chase the evil out of this room,'" Beltrame recalls—at which point Bachmann and her allies joined in prayer to ward off the evil spirits. (It failed; Bachmann stepped down from her post shortly thereafter.) [emphasis added]
-Tim Murphy, "Michele Bachmann: Crazy Like a Fox"
Mother Jones, August 15th, 2011

Wait, wait, wait--let me get this straight: somebody said there was evil at a meeting attended by Michele Bachmann, and so Bachmann and the people with her said a prayer to drive away the evil, and shortly thereafter Bachmann quit and stopped coming to the meetings...?


Don't that beat all?


Well, I'm convinced.

Praise Jesus.

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