Fetchin' Bones: "(I Feel Like An) Astronaut"

>> Saturday, October 22, 2011

For some obscure reason, what I really wanted to post today was "Chicken Truck", an awesome old Fetchin' Bones song about the day the chicken truck wrecked and all the chickens got free and the driver walked away and got a ride to the Chicken Shack.

He had wings. Finger. Licking. Good.

But I can't find it at YouTube to save a puppy's life. (And he's an adorable puppy, ohmigosh, you should see this little guy.) Which is a gahddamn shame, is what it is, because I am reasonably certain that at some point in the 1980s, bassist Danna Pentes' brother, Dorne, filmed some kind of video or video-like thing for it way back in the day which I would swear was aired on some public-access show I saw in either junior high or high school (and this was how I fell in love with the band, actually).

But that was a long time ago. (It seems like it was another century, even, which can't possibly be true.)

Here's "(I Feel Like An) Astronaut", instead. And my thanks to the Bones, in all the places they are now: you guys rocked. I only got to see you when you did a reunion show in Charlotte a number of years ago. You kicked ass. When you gonna do it again?


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