Judas Priest, "Breaking The Law"

>> Sunday, December 04, 2011

Because, y'know, sometimes you just need The Priest.

POSTSCRIPT: As of the date of this post, Wikipedia's post for "Breaking The Law" is pretty awesome and worth checking out. Clearly written by a fan, it's not exactly objective:

Clocking in around a concise two and a half minutes, "Breaking the Law" combines a memorable minor-key opening riff and a fist-pumping yet controlled chorus (in which Rob Halford simply growls the title over and over, to marvelous effect) as its main hooks. There isn't a whole lot else to the rest of the song--a few power chords ring out over a steadily chugging rhythm section (and a ridiculously simple bass line), and both guitars pump away at the open A string during the chorus. There is a change-up on the mostly instrumental bridge, a new chord progression with Halford shouting "You don't know what it's like!" before the sound effect of a police car's siren leads back into the main riff. And the band does vary the rhythmic accents a bit in the final chorus. But for the most part, the song keeps things very, very easy. And there's nothing wrong with that, because it already has everything it needs to be utterly memorable. The lyrics don't hurt, either; even though there are only two verses, it's enough time to throw out a litany of romanticized adolescent frustration--the lawbreaking narrator feels unloved, directionless, vaguely betrayed, and misunderstood, and he's rebelling against all of it in the most open way possible. But even if you're not taken in by that theatricality, it's still difficult to resist singing along to the chorus.

Indeed. Rock on, dude.


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