Miles Davis, "Four"

>> Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I had high hopes of saying something clever about today being a leap year day and all, but things got busy at the office and all that, and now I find I have absolutely nothing clever to say at all.

In lieu of clever, please accept Mr. Miles Davis performing "Four", which seems thematically apt insofar as, you know, every four years we make up for losing three-fourths of a day the last three trips around the sun. (I find it hard, actually, to get my head around the year being around 365.25 days long--I sort of imagine the sun bobbing halfway up the sky then zipping back down like a yo-yo yo-ing, like a sun in a Terry Gilliam animation.)

Happy leap year, anyway. Let's do this again two years after the year after next. Make it a date?


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