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>> Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Exhausted cynicism. I has it. Happens sometimes, you just have weeks at this gig where you wonder why you're bothering or what you got in it for. Frustrations, unappreciations. It isn't just the clients, it's from all quadrants. Your annoyance is flaking from your skin at every little jar and brush.

It's only Tuesday.

It might help if the writing was going better. I have a terrible short story. I stepped away from the terrible and unfinishable novel to take a shot at it; I had an idea, it was compelling, or perhaps it wasn't so much an idea as it was an image. Stepping away from the novel could be justified by the fact this story, or this nugget, or this character can be found in the same world as the novel. Now I have a beginning, an end, and a spotty middle and I'm sort of revising the thing while going through and trying to stitch up the middle. I was shooting for a short length and it's still around 2,500 to 5,000 words too long, and also a lot of the words are the wrong words. This is totally uncalled-for and unfathomable: they all seemed like the right words when I was putting them in there, and now I go back and read it and find they're all completely misplaced. Is it possible somebody else went in and made the thing awful when I was asleep. Perhaps it's Dropbox's fault: at some point while the file was uploading or downloading during a sync between various machines, Dropbox replaced all my words with identical words that weren't as good. Or it's signal degradation: instead of syncing over wifi, I should have used a hard cable connection, because my words have all been ruined by the aether. Sure. That's it.


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