Junior Parker, "Tomorrow Never Knows"

>> Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm trying to decide if I love this more than the original. I love the original. The original is such a brilliant, fucked-up, innovative recording, y'know?

But this is just beautifully brilliant.

There was a moment, listening to this in the car on my way back from Raleigh yesterday, when I instinctively decided I liked this cover better. And then--this was weird, this was a weird example of how the brain works, sometimes--I said to myself, "Wait a minute, this is a Beatles cover--I love The Beatles' version." There was this cognitive dissonance where I knew what I was hearing was a cover, and I knew it was a Beatles cover, but my brain was not connecting "Beatles cover" to "Beatles cover" somehow. A little like seeing something and not believing you've seen it, only exactly nothing like that at all.

I don't think it was heatstroke. The day was pleasant, even on the cool side, especially for the South in Spring. The temperature stayed in the 70s the whole drive down and the sky was cloudless blue from horizon to horizon. The next thing to a cloud I saw were two planes high in the stratosphere leaving congruent contrails so it looked like one was chasing the other, though in fact they may have been, probably were, miles apart in horizontal and vertical distance. The fact it was just a little cool, a little cold, even, with the convertible top down and the wind of my velocity blasting through the car was deceptive and when I got home I discovered I had a terrible and unanticipated farmer's sunburn on my arms below the sleeves, my face, my neck, my ears. Stupid of me, I should have known better, I even have sunscreen in the trunk. If I turn into a gigantic epidermal carcinoma overnight, you'll know what happened to me; somebody feed Elvis and tell the ScatterKat I love her.

I had the Aquarium Drunkard show on the radio most of the way until it ended. The guy was playing hella good tunes and it was a perfect day to drive, sunburn and I85 construction, notwithstanding.


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