SMBC Theatre, "Russian Roulette"

>> Saturday, June 23, 2012

So... the takeaway is, "never play Russian Roulette with a dick." Right?

I knew a guy, a while back, who wasn't really very good at explaining how to play games. Which, y'know, isn't necessarily a big deal, except he had this unfortunate tendency to remember rules that would help him out right there in the middle of someone else's turn. Or sometimes during his own turn, when he wanted to do something awesome and gamewinning that everybody else at the table would've done if only they'd known. I don't know if he was being a dick on purpose or if it was just an accident. These kinds of things happen; it's really just a huge problem when it happens consistently and across many games. I don't play anything with him anymore, and in fact haven't seen him in years.


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