Amazing America

>> Friday, July 20, 2012

I have to say: living in a country of more than three hundred million people that insists on interpreting a Constitutional provision clearly and expressly intended to preserve effective state militias as carte blanche for every individual in the country to privately possess paramilitary equipment regardless of need, competence or mental capacity--it amazes me, simply amazes me that citizens attending enclosed public gatherings aren't massacred like cattle lined up in the chute to the abattoir every single day.

Let me be among the first--perhaps the only--to congratulate America's population of violent sociopaths for their relative sobriety and restraint. If it's not presumptuous to make a modest request: could any copycat mental and emotional defectives please forebear until the release of any Justice League movie that may or may not be in production and won't be released earlier than 2015 in any case? Thanks.

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