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>> Friday, July 06, 2012

Clever, me: I had a notion for a blog post for today, and as I'm typing the title into the computer, I notice Firefox is filling it in for me--seems I already wrote about that and whatever else I would've said would've been not much to add. And the other blog post wasn't even that long ago.


You get this, instead.

I'm off today--I took yesterday and today off because it seemed just stupid to have a holiday in the middle of the week. It seems to me, in fact, if you're going to have a national holiday in the middle of the week, you should at least cancel one half or the other half (or maybe even the whole thing). I know people who would probably say that's some kind of inefficiency, but I have to say I don't see how having two Mondays and two Fridays in a week cuts it: (real) Monday and (Thursday) Monday, everybody is trying to get their asses in gear, and then (Tuesday) Friday and (real) Friday, everybody is just counting down minutes to five o'clock and figuring out how they could leave early. Just call the week off, man.


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