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>> Friday, July 13, 2012

I tried, you know. I went to all the usual sites I get blogfodder from, I went through my junkmail box and my comment spam; I just couldn't come up with a damn thing. It was, perhaps, less a lack of quote-unquote "inspiration" than it was merely the way my brain feels much like a pancake must feel (flat, puffy, full of holes, lightly browned on both sides, soaked in butter and maple syrup).

I think there's a very good chance the ScatterKat and I will be moving the ScatterKat's cat to my place this evening or weekend, part of a gradual shift and general positive direction in the relationship. Neither of the cats--the ScatterKat cat nor this blog's semi-official alternate backup mascot, Elvis1--have any idea of what kind of whirlwind of transformative transformation is about to do-si-doh through the mobile trailer park of their lives. The ScatterKat and I have spoken aloud of our shared optimism the two felines will get along and become a cute cat couple or at least friendly rivals, while (I think) silently harboring our expectant fears that we have weeks and more of protest shits and strike vomit to look forward to cleaning off floors, furniture, and treasured feline-accessible personal belongings.

Still, this is an inevitable step and this appears to be a convenient weekend to get it over with. Wish us luck. (Ta in advance.)

1For those of you who are new around here: readers voted in 2009 to make Wrolf The Mangy Bad-Touch Wookie the Official Mascot Of Standing On The Shoulders Of Giant Midgets, picking Wrolf over Doug The Semi-Self-Aware World's Largest Ball Of Navel Lint, and Scooper The Magnificently Poorly-Preserved Bunny Corpse. Elvis The Cat remains the proprietor's self-declared honorable mention, however.


Kathy Carrasco,  Friday, July 13, 2012 at 5:42:00 PM EDT  

Oh, dear. You forgot to mention the Stealth Pissing, to go along with Revenge Shitting and the Strike Vomit. Stock up on Nature's Miracle and a giant, economy-sized bag of baking soda. And bandaids; oh, yes, the bandaids.

You poor, poor dears. Try not to be too hard on your peeple, they're trying....


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