Heather Nova, "Like A Hurricane"

>> Friday, August 10, 2012

This song got stuck in my head earlier today, a kind of soundtrack I was walking around with. Not any of Neil's versions, nor this one, neither; what was in my head was a slowed-down and spare version, like Heather Nova's, though the one in my head had a drowsy brushed snare in it. I suppose it might have been a Cowboys Junkiesque version I had in my head (ah--I think I know what's going up here tomorrow).

I don't know if any of you who are or were musicians do this kind of thing, too. Or maybe even people who never played a note in their lives, seriously or not. Or if it's just me. But I find myself sometimes thinking about alternate arrangements for songs, or at least what an alternate arrangement would sound like (I never really developed much past writing down chord names or sketching out tab, and handled sheet music like a half-blind functionally subliterate non-English-speaker tackling Infinite Jest or Gravity's Rainbow).

I went looking for "Hurricane" on YouTube, thinking about just using the old harmonium version from Unplugged, only that wasn't what was in my brain, either. Then I went more general because Neil wasn't who I was looking for, exactly, even if it was his song, and that's how I accidentally found Ms. Nova (who I don't believe I'd ever heard before). Whose version I quite like, even if it's not quite what I looked for either; again, there's that drowsy brushed snare in my brainversion; on the other hand, I really like the cello she has instead, so that's nice.


Steve Buchheit Friday, August 10, 2012 at 4:44:00 PM EDT  

I often get that, hearing a certain version in my head with added or deleted parts. It's also one of those reasons why I have difficulty with covers that are close to the original, I hear the differences and they bother me. Although I don't have a problem hearing a live version of a song and not have an issue.

timb111 Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 10:00:00 AM EDT  

I used to go around with a song from Kill Bill in my head. I could never find that song online (I don't recall the name right now and it's gone from my head). Now that I'm driving my grandsons to and from daycare everyday I have nursery rhymes songs in my head. I prefer Kill Bill.

John Healy Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 4:36:00 PM EDT  

I don't mid different versions of the same song. St. James Infirmary is a classic that has many versions. I like listening for the variation. (She has a DOA tag in her hair? I thought she was so fair.)

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