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>> Sunday, August 12, 2012

So, what I'm hearing in the news is that Mitt Romney has chosen a running mate, boldly making the announcement on the weekend, when politicians traditionally release bad news in the hope nobody will pay any attention and the twenty-four-hour news cycle will have elapsed, killing the story by Monday. Good on him! I'm sure we all assumed Romney would release any tax docs he'd deign to release on a Friday, but announcing his Vice-Presidential pick on a Saturday... well... it's something that happened and was preceded and followed by other events.

But why the shame? True, picking a relative unknown like Ryan Paul seems a little risky at shyest blush, but look at what Ryan brings to the party:

Ryan Paul is a graphic designer and brand identity consultant who helps organizations find their unique voice. Located in New York City, he develops compelling visual solutions that solve complex communications challenges, fulfill strategic objectives, and build brand awareness.

Tell me that isn't exactly what Romney needs right now! Romney's campaign to date has been one communications problem after another: the misstatements, the contradictions, the outright lies, the mystifying refusals, the spurious claims. Millions of Americans question whether Romney is even human, much less qualified to be President. Even his supporters are only hitching to his (weird, uncanny, off-putting, politically and socially maladroit) wagon because he isn't Barack Obama.

Ryan Paul is just the man Mitt Romney needs to express his vaccuous and incoherent quote-unquote "ideas" as a simple, yet expressive, eye-catching graphic.

It's a good choice, maybe the first good call his campaign has made. I mean, I don't know about you, but I was afraid he was going to pick some Congressional retard who doesn't grok basic math, wants to eliminate Medicare, and thinks you can balance tax cuts for billionaires by eliminating middle-class tax deductions. You know, like that tool from Wisconsin, what's-his-na--

--oh, shitfuck.


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