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>> Tuesday, September 04, 2012

You come out of a wonderful three-day weekend, you know, and you're maybe more beaten-down than you might have been if you slogged on through. No regrets, mind you; wouldn't trade the holiday for anything; lots of fun, needed it, etc. But I am a pancake today.

Or maybe something robotic. A robot pancake, yes. Yes, that's it.

We have the Democratic National Convention going on in Charlotte; I don't expect I'll actually be seeing much of it, or any of it, except for traffic, maybe. I don't expect the Democrats to say or do anything especially surprising--unlike the GOP, who astonished everyone by allowing their nominee to be upstaged by furniture. I'm not trying to harp overlong on that; I sort of feel like I maybe exhausted it with a weekend full of chair-themed video embeds, but even after the yuks are mostly gone, you do have to shake your head and wonder how that kind of thing happens. the Romney campaign is now throwing Clint Eastwood under the tour bus over it, saying they didn't know what Eastwood was going to do when he asked for a chair and they assumed he wanted to sit on it; it seems to me that the Romney crowd is either lying about that or they're just incompetent (plenty of supporting evidence for either tendency, honestly). I would have thought the Romney campaign would have vetted Eastwood's speech, or at least asked for an outline, though evidently the Obama campaign isn't vetting Bill Clinton's speech for their convention; then again, I think there's probably a difference between whether you vet an actor/director/small-town-mayor who is slated as the antepenultimate speaker before the main guy and whether you have to vet a former President Of The United States who's been doing these shindigs for twenty years or more and anyway is scheduled to talk in the middle of the convention so if he does screw up, you can maybe rescue it.

Let me put it this way: Eastwood may be well-known to be a lifelong Republican, but he's also just as well-known for being an iconoclastic maverick Republican who wears his libertarianism on his sleeve and disagrees with at least half the official Republican platform. The Romney team ought to be grateful he merely interviewed a chair and expressed his disagreement with a whole bunch of "his" candidate's platform: if Eastwood had wrapped up by endorsing Ron Paul, I have a feeling Romney's staffers are the only ones who would've been surprised.

(Or he could have announced his own surprise bid for the White House: "Eastwood/Melbourne Ladder Back Side Chair 2012!" You know, I have to be honest and answer a frequent critic's question of whether I would ever vote for a Republican at the same time: if the only way to keep Romney/Ryan out of the White House was to vote for Clint Eastwood and a piece of furniture, I'd be in that voter booth oo-e-oo-e-oooo, warh, warh, warh-ing away while I punched my vote in. Let me even suggest Mr. Eastwood tie his own filmography to the obvious catchphrase for his running mate: "It's better than bad, it's good!")


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