The Beatles, "I Saw Her Standing There"

>> Monday, September 24, 2012

I find myself having gotten through the day sans inspiration, sans anything to say.
This song was stuck in my head at some point last night when the ScatterKat and I were driving home, and when we got in much Beatles was queued up while I made our dinner.  So here we are again, and why not?  Live in 1964, according to the information up at YouTube, and that looks and seems about right: big crowd, still wearing the matching suits and hairstyles, and of course it was crowds like that that drove The Beatles into becoming mostly a studio band.  They were good kids, crazy young, this would have been forty-eight years ago; nearly half-a-century ago, but I find myself distressed to realize that was less than a decade before I was born, implying I'm closer to the half-century mark than I'd like to be (albeit a decade away, must remind myself; still, closer than I am farther).  Time is a strange, strange thing in the way it not only flows but in the way it puddles then pools around our legs when we aren't looking, rising up to submerge us without our noticing until we're waist-deep in it.


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