Tales from the spam folder: seven bad haikus for Glory

>> Wednesday, October 03, 2012

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From:gloryjohnson_2012@libero.it (gloryjohnson_2012@libero.it)
Sent:Wed 10/03/12 4:18 PM
my name is glory please
contact me with my email
address, (gloryjohnson62@ymail.com)
form glory

My junkmail folder
has more spam inside it than
the ocean has fish.

Glory Johnson, hi
I do not think I know you
Now I know your name

October is here
Leaves will fall like sweet missives
From complete strangers

Wild spirit Glory--
bracing as the cold fall wind!
(Also, you misspelled "from".)

Are you Glory Please
or are you Glory Johnson?
Confused like a moth.

An old man rakes leaves:
more come each Autumn, his work
vain as blocking spam

Glory, my tool's like
a rain-caught worm--I need cheap
Canadian meds.


Nathan Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 6:56:00 PM EDT  

(Also you misspelled From) is my favorite bit of poetry EVER!

Then again, she might have meant to ask you to "form" Glory. It's like cloning...or something.

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