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>> Saturday, November 10, 2012

I love music.  Used to play guitar pretty seriously, but haven't picked up an ax in... not counting a little bit of noodling for the ScatterKat, it's probably been a year or so.

This makes me sad, but it's hard to know how to correct it--playing is still a part of my self-identity, but there are far too many things to do in a mortal lifetime and really playing is one that takes up a massive chunk of time; time that is hard to find when there are all the other things one wants to do....

But, anyway: music is a big part of my self-identity or whatever it ought to be called, so it's ended up being a part of the blog's identity.  Sometimes in the shallowest, laziest way possible: a filler post consisting of an embedded music clip from YouTube.  But what I've tried to do more often, over time, is use a music video clip as a launching point... well, as a shoulder.

I don't know if I can do the concept justice, but I like the idea of one thing being a launching point for something completely different.  I adored James Burke's television show, Connections
, which was basically Burke just riffing on scientific history, jumping from one subject to another in a way that made absolute sense while you watched the show, but wasn't necessarily anything you'd ever be able to explain to anyone else in a nutshell.  Now I'm merely digressing.  The point was, it seems to me that posting a music video from some band and then free-associating into some other subject is a bit like standing on the shoulder of a giant midget and taking a look around.  And, you'll notice, that's the name of the blog, right there.  I wish I'd thought of the concept before I had the title, which was a bad play on Isaac Newton (and--music again!--R.E.M.; no doubt quoting Newton (who was quoting others), but in a much earwormier kind of way).
This is a long introduction for a much shorter post that probably doesn't even deserve to be in a "best of"--except that when I look through the archives, it seems to be the first time I ever posted a music video on Giant Midgets and the first time I tagged a post with the label "music" or said anything about music at all here.  (This blog's predecessor, over at Microsoft's now-defunct Live Spaces, probably had some music stuff, but it's lost to history unless its ghost was mirrored on a server somewhere.)  No, I didn't say anything--I didn't say much at all, much less anything profound.  And I can't really tell you anymore, five years on, why in the world I picked King Crimson (though I like Crimson and this is a good song).  But it's historic to me, in its way--on October 16th, 2007, I popped this one up, the first of fucking many.

Well--this one isn't quite the first, actually, in an identity sense.  When I went back and copied everything, I discovered the original YouTube link was broken because someone's account had been closed.  I think this is the exact same clip--so far as I can tell from the freeze-frame.  It's definitely the same song.  I mention this bit not out of some kind of fanatical obsession with historical integrity (I could have left the broken link in place), but because it's kind of interesting how ephemeral the web's interconnectedness can be; it really is a web, not just in the sense of complicated, interwoven intersections, but in the sense that the whole thing is made of steel-strong strands that can be snapped by a stiff breeze and much of the Internet is a clutter of cobwebs nobody will ever slurp up with a vacuum cleaner's corner attachment, gathering hidden mass in corners and under civilization's sofa.

For reasons that really don't matter, I ended up browsing a bunch of King Crimson videos on YouTube while I was eating dinner.  But that, like I said, don't matter.  I only mention it as an excuse for this:

See Adrian.  See Adrian kick ass.  Kick ass, Adrian, kick ass.


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