The Rolling Stones with Bruce Springsteen, "Tumbling Dice"

>> Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My personal favorite bit: the way Ronnie Wood, a legend in his own right multiple times over, looks like Christmas came early because The Boss showed up.  (Springsteen, of course, looks utterly delighted, too.  Which he should be, jamming with the Stones, only you have to realize one of the cool things about Springsteen is the way he always looks delighted to be jamming with other musicians, whether he's a host or a guest.)

No, I mean, everyone seems to be having a grand time up there, even Keef towards the end, there.  But Ronnie?  The only way Ronnie's expression could get any brighter would be if he was hanging out with Bruce Springsteen while watching Rod Stewart getting punched in the nuts.  That's how much fun Ronnie Wood is having, and Ron Wood is a veritable rock and roll god.  (Goddamn, I might need to pull some Faces clips when I get home, or see if the ScatterKat and I have anything on the MP3rolla; I'm thinking the CD collection may be a little remiss, embarrassed to admit.)

This is, anyway, what those folks on The Daily Show would call a moment of Zen.  Enjoy.


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