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>> Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ross Meyer, a manager at Gun World and Archery, a Nevada gun store, said some of his customers buy AR-style weapons for defense – but many also simply enjoy shooting the guns.

"A lot of them, it’s just kind of fun to go out and shoot," said Meyer. His store sold out of the 150 AR-style weapons it had in stock within three days of the shooting in Newtown. "And then also the high-capacity magazine, that’s fun to have."

"Semi-autos are just one of the most fun to go out and shoot when it comes to the recreation of it," Meyer said.
NBCNews.com, January 16th, 2013

Hey, y'know what else is fun?  I mean, I think it would be fun.  It seems like it would be fun.  Getting really, really blotto, I mean totally shit-faced, three-sheets-to-the-wind, royally fucked-up drunk and driving a rented high-performance automobile with the pedal-to-the-metal on either the longest public straightaway you could find or maybe someplace with tight and twisty streets, like the locations used in that great old John Frankenheimer movie, Ronin.

I mean, the driving in Ronin looks pretty fun already, to be honest.  Squealing around those cobbled intersections blanging up against street vendors' wagons; blasting up alleyways designed for medieval foot traffic that are barely wider than your car at--shit, they're probably only doing thirty-five, to be honest, and in those claustrophobic lanes it's still like some kind of awesome rollercoaster ride.  I was going to say it would probably be fun to do this sober, except I'm not sure: I've heard, though I don't recall where and it might not be true, that Robert De Niro's anxiety in those scenes wasn't actually acting, that what reads as concern about whether he and Jean Reno are going to catch up with that little black box is really De Niro trying not to shit his pants because barreling up a cobbled alleyway at any speed greater than a leisurely jog is kinda intense.  So, y'know, I figure put back a couple of shots of bourbon to remove any inhibitions.

Speaking of which, slamming back a coupla shots also works wonders for alleviating any anxieties you might have about unprotected sex, which is also a lot of fun, albeit admittedly more legal than whisking along a public thoroughfare wasted (unless you're making porn in L.A.); of course having unprotected sex is kinda dumb, right, but so what?  If the criteria for whether something is a good idea is going to be how much fun you can have doing it, gods know, dump those raincoats, ladies and gents.  (Besides, you wouldn't believe some of the advances they've made in medicine--e.g. boys, you get some clap that causes Mr. Jones to fall off, pack it in ice, hie thee to a hospital and they will shoot it and you full of the latest and greatest antibiotics Big Pharma can bottle and sew it back on like you'll never know it was gone.)

(And hey, when are you gonna make it back to Haiti, amirite?)

I am just glad as hell, though, that we're finally scrapping stupid ideas like public safety and really focusing on what's important for a society where millions of people are always jostling up against one another with their competing interests and concerns (and not to mention their disparate competencies, judgments, emotional states, mental health statuses, etc., etc.) and really focusing on what's important, which is how much fun something is.  Because I can think of all sorts of fun things can do, plus I know of some people who have some, shall we say, interesting ideas about fun and why should I have all the fun--besides which I not only don't see standing in their way as being a whole lotta fun or even being in the kinds of places they troll for vict--no, wait, loaded word, fun-sharers, we can call them; I don't think it's too fun to be in their notion of fun-sharing places, yeah.

But I'm glad we've come to this, this bold new perspective.  What's wrong with a little hedonism, y'know?

Let's go out and have ourselves a good time, kiddos.


Sean Yeager Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 12:25:00 PM EST  

There are other things that are a lot of fun, too. Skateboarding, BMX bikes, hang gliding, skydiving... but they require some practice and training before they're truly fun.

A gun, however... you can just pick it up and go nuts. With enough ammo you're sure to hit something.

Jeri 2.0 Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 1:15:00 PM EST  

AR-style weapons? What a bunch of sissy libtards! Fun is gearing up in flame-retardant suits and playing flameball. It's like paintball but with flamethrowers.

Fun is grenade launchers and cannons.

Dynamite is great, great fun - especially around the 4th of July and when the fish just aren't taking bait as fast as you'd like.

"Fun" is realizing that these are grown men with the mentalities of 12 year old boys, and they're armed to the teeth with weapons made strictly to kill as many people or things as possible in the shortest time possible.

Eric Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 1:20:00 PM EST  

Flame-retardant suits?

Gahddammit, Jeri, if I want to play flameball in the nude, it's my God-given right to play flameball in the nude, and I won't have prissy, blue-nosed, tongue-clucking nanny telling me I can't!


Next you'll want me to wear a motorcycle helmet on a hog, or a seatbelt in a hooptie....

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