Rachel Zeffira, "To Here Knows When"

>> Friday, February 01, 2013

Kevin Shields told everyone there was a new My Bloody Valentine record coming out this week.  Nobody believed him.  Yes we did.  No, it's kind of like when you're on the cusp of Santa skepticism, when you know Santa isn't real yet you're still holding out that little hope yes he is.

Or, it's like being a liberal voter.  Same thing, basically.  Almost exactly.

As of this writing, no new MBV album.  No real surprise there.  Maybe by the time this posts, it'll be out (probably not).

Their last album, Loveless, is one of those classic best-albums-you've-probably-never-heard-of.  It also came out in 1991, so if you live in the United States and want to buy it a beer, you can totally do that this coming November 4th.  This album can drive, vote, serve in the military.  You can have sex with this album if you would really like to, or take naked pictures of it.

There are musician's musicians and songwriter's songwriters.  Loveless is a producer's production; Kevin Shields purportedly spent a quarter of a million pounds on it, which is utterly insane, but it's all on the record.  An epic wall of sound that makes Phil Spector sound like a piece of drywall your cheapass college landlord put up so he could rent the same apartment to you and the guy next door.  But gorgeous, y'know?

Anyway, though, as of this writing--maybe not this posting--we have the above gorgeous little rendition of Loveless' "To Here Knows Where" from Rachel Zeffira, courtesy of NPR.  Zeffira is quoted as saying she'd never heard of MBV until a few years ago; well, that's okay, I'd never heard of Zeffira until just now, but she's swell and this is a sweet take on the song.  To say I'll settle for it is a little unjust insofar as there's no "settling" here--she's great, right, and this cover would be welcome even if we weren't all in a fuddle wondering if MBV's Kevin Shields was fucking with our heads again when he claimed there was a record about to hit the shelves.  But enjoy, right, because it's a pretty awesome cover and it's a pretty awesome song.


Sean Yeager Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 11:38:00 AM EST  

And yet there IS a new MBV offering.

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