David Bowie, "Kooks"

>> Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So the obvious choices if you're just going to talk about one song from Hunky Dory (1971) are "Changes", "Oh! You Pretty Things", or (probably my favorite) "Life On Mars".

And it's such a sweet, sweet song.  It's possibly easy to gravitate towards Bowie when he was feral ("Diamond Dogs") or cruel ("'Heroes'") or seductive ("China Girl") or cutting ("Teenage Wildlife").  But he could be... well, kooky, and not just in an awful, please-never-do-this-again way ("The Laughing Gnome").

He could do winsome.  In "Everyone Says 'Hi'".  In "Kooks".

He wasn't the first artist to write a song about becoming a parent, certainly wasn't the last.  In typical fashion, he was among the best, though.  This is a song to paint the new baby's room to.  I think.  I'm not a parent and won't be, but if I bought a used crib, like the one on which the paint wouldn't dry... well, to be fair, I'd probably regret the purchase.  But I'd also be listening to this one a lot.  It would be on the playlist.

You hope Bowie's family are okay through this.  That's always tough, because you don't know what to say to people, you know that there's nothing you could say but that saying nothing seems horrifically inadequate.  I hope Duncan Jones is alright, and not just because I love Moon (2009) so damn much.  I hope he's okay because it has to suck to lose a parent.  Wherever Mr. Jones is, though, I hope he gets around to pulling out Hunky Dory (he has to have a copy, right, or know someone), puts on "Kooks" and has a moment of happy out of it.  I think there's a lot of love in it.


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