David Bowie, "Station To Station"

>> Thursday, January 14, 2016

To make up for "Dancing In The Street," here's three David Bowie songs in one delightfully brilliant package.  I think it's three.  I count three.  Arguably two.  Possibly four.  Oh, this one's all over the place, with that noisy jazz-rock intro, with the crooning "Thin White Duke" passages, and then, boom, I'm thinking that it must be love.

Or the side effects of the cocaine.  This was the record (Station To Station (1976)) that Bowie claimed not to remember recording.  And the whole thing is fabulously nuts, from "Station To Station" bouncing through all the genres to the song about the TV eating his girlfriend ("TVC-15", supposedly based on a coke-fueled hallucination Iggy Pop had), to that amazing cover of "Wild Is The Wind" where Bowie channels Nina Simone in a way that manages to uncannily complement Miss S. by surpassing-without-exceeding her (it's a Zen thing, maybe).  Station is, I think, is Bowie's best album, not counting his other best albums, I mean.

This one's a cranker.  That's the problem with me posting it here.  You oughta be in your car right now, except reading a blog while you're driving is probably a double-plus-ungood idea.  So maybe take the CD out to your car, slip it in, and crank it.  And if you don't have the CD, well, go out and buy it.  Same for the car.  If you have the CD but not the car, you go get yourself a car, and slip the CD in and twist the knob all the way clockwise 'til it breaks off in your hand, or smoosh the "+" button until the LCD screams at you.

Vinyl, naturally, is always an acceptable substitute.


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