Banks & Steelz, "Giant"

>> Friday, October 21, 2016

Have I shared this before?  I don't think I've shared this.  Maybe I don't need to--it's been out a few months now.  But I'm a sucker for this kind of collaboration, and it's that kind of day with me being a bit under the weather and a little down, so here you go.

This would be, if you didn't already know, didn't already figure it out from the screencap for the video above, couldn't tell from the voices, etc., Wu-Tang's The RZA and Interpol's Paul Banks.  So all kinds of awesome, obviously.

Interesting bit of trivia I picked up in pulling this up to post: apparently RZA initially considered the collaboration "buddies playing chess," which I naturally assumed was a cool metaphor for two guys sending mix tapes and demos back and forth, but turns out to be, no, literal, RZA and Banks were actually just hanging out and playing chess, which seems supercool for some reason.  I guess because you'd assume a couple of well-regarded professional musicians hanging out would just music together, instead of, you know, being chums and just hanging out and doing pal stuff together.  A bit like if, I dunno, The Traveling Wilburys had started out as Bob Dylan's weekly poker night and it was only after they'd been exchanging money for several months that Tom Petty said, "Why haven't we ever made a record together?" and Jeff Lynne said, "That's stupid and are you going to ante up or what?" and George Harrison was, like, "No, he could be on to something," and Roy Orbison said, "Well, if you guys are going to talk about this instead of playing, I need to take a leak; anybody need anything out of the fridge while I'm up?"

I am possibly slightly feverish.  Just in case you wondered.  I haven't checked.  But it's possible.

So, anyway: "Giant"!  Banks & Steelz!  Awesomity incarnated!  Enjoy!


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